Souvenir Collection

For Adamo travel agency on Long Island (Dugi Otok) in Croatia, the task was to design a souvenir or a souvenir system to modernise the existing souvenirs on the island. The specificity of this island is clear from its name, but the length is not the only characteristic of the island. We focused on fishing, the famous donkey race, and Nature Park Telašćica, as main themes to interpret through souvenirs.

We interpreted each theme visually as a set of pictograms, which we designed in several compositions to fit the area intended for printing. Doing this, we enabled printing on different materials, from T-shirts, hoodies, cups, bags, to coasters, postcards, and more. The system is easy to apply, and in time we could design more pictograms to refresh the collection.

Client: Adamo Travel / Year: 2021