Data protection

This privacy policy establishes a business standard data collection and processing. General Regulation on Data Protection 2016/679 EU (hereinafter referred to as: the "Regulation") prescribes measures, obligations, roles, rights, purposes, deadlines, and recommendations for the protection of personal and pseudo data. We value customer trust as a special category of business value and policy privacy that conforms to the Regulations we guarantee the highest standard of user experience.


Websites use the so-called cookies so that the user can provide services free of charge with full functionality and high quality content. Cookies represent a set of data generated by a web server and which the web browser saves to the user's disk in the form of a small text file with certain user data.

Types of cookies

The website uses the following cookies:

Session cookies - are placed on the computer user's website only during the duration of his visit to these web pages, thus allowing the user to more effectively serve the web pages

Persistent cookies - it's about cookies that will remain "recorded" in the user's Internet browser until they expire or he does not manually delete them. The information collected is anonymous and does not include user's personal information.

Why Allow Cookie Use?

Radnja uses cookies: to provide a better user experience; to monitor and analyze the use and attendance of our sites; for correct page work (in cases where this is necessary). The user of the website can always regulate the reception of cookies independently through the settings of your web browser. Radnja excludes any liability for any loss of functionality and / or quality of the contents of the website in all cases of selecting the regulation of receipt of cookies by the user. Radnja is not responsible for cookies of other Internet sites that are not their own. Information about the user received by cookies Radnja will associate with other user data to better understand the needs of users and provide better user experience, only based on the user's consent.

What if a user does not accept cookies? - If a user does not accept cookies, it is possible that certain features of this website may not be displayed or working properly. This will limit the capabilities of the Radnja site to the user and could affect the design and user experience.

How to manage cookies - In your Internet browsers, you can delete cookies and manage general settings for cooking, here are links to the popular Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

Delete and manage your browser settings - Most web browsers allow full cookie rest or banning cookies from third parties. If you ban all cookies on your browser, many of the pages you visit on the Internet will not work properly, and so are not ours.

Stats of the website - In addition, the website monitors statistical visits solely for the purpose of obtaining the necessary information about the attractiveness and performance of their sites on the market, and using third-party services called Google Analytics. Detailed third-party information about this service, as well as the capabilities of the web site users regarding the regulation of cookies that are required for the same, are available at: privacyoverview.html.

Other - Using the website www.radnjahr, it is considered that the user is aware at all times of these terms of use, including the provisions on data processing and cookie-related features.

Radnja reserves the right to change the content of these websites and will not be liable for any possible consequences arising from such changes.